Thursday, 4 October 2012


Hi there.Dont know where to bring your kids for this coming school holiday?Here are the place you should bring your kids.And use our taxi service.:)

The History of KidZania

KidZania’s history is rooted in an inspirational story of idealistic kids that formed a like-minded community, which led to the creation of a nation, their own government and nationalistic symbols to celebrate their unity. It also led to the development of iconic citizens considered honorary KidZanians who embody the spirit and willfulness of the community and act as representatives to their ideals in disposition, outlook and principles.

Inspired by a Dream to Create Something Better

It began as a spark, that was seeded by the desire from children to see the world function as a better place. Unencumbered by race, religion, or culture, this was a world full of opportunities where kids could assert themselves and be responsible by learning and experiencing the challenges of life.

Defining Their Rights

To guide them in their quest, the children of KidZania defined rights fundamental to their beliefs and unified in principle and purpose towards achieving happiness. The right to be, the right to know, the right to care, and the right to play.

Declaring Their Independence

Kids then penned down to paper the Declaration of Independence as a proclamation of their independence from adults. The essence of which captures the spirit of KidZania’s founding, together with rights in which to live by.

The Nation of KidZania is Formed

By acting upon their hopes and dreams, a nation called KidZania was born – as a land of kids that would span the globe! Roughly translated it means, Land of Cool Kids. It was short, easy to remember and it sounded really cool especially when they  started calling themselves KidZanians, citizens of KidZania.  All the kids loved it!

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